Procurement Service

1We are sourcing and purchasing executors in India  - we find items you need and afterward we work with you and the factories to get them made and dispatched

A Liaison Office

2We provide the International Clients -”A Liaison Office in India” – with utmost dedication and sincerity.We will act as your agent here

Your Own Designs

3Your own design or have seen something in another location, happy to assist you on sourcing the supplier and finding the best price.

Developed As Per Your Design

If you have your own design or have seen something in another location, we would be happy to assist you on sourcing the supplier and finding the best price.

Ultimate Source For Quality Products

LGetting the sample developed as per the specifications – Once we get the design sheet or a specification, we get the samples made in the given period of time. We can also offer you the pictures of the samples that vendors keep developing throughout the year.

MShipment consolidation – We consolidate all the shipments from different vendors so it can be shipped in one container in case the orders are not full load. This is done so the buyer does not have to pay separately the shipping costs for each order placed.

Efficient Quality Control

After the completion of the manufacturing process, the product is thoroughly checked. While the goods are being packaged, quality controllers re-inspect randomly, selecting packages from the final shipment.